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Leon’s Kitchen is a brand that represents sleek,
authentic and hygienic Caribbean food that
edifies the soul.

Leon’s Sauces

What sets Leon’s Kitchen apart from the rest are my home made sauces. I use Caribbean fruits to create amazing flavours that marry perfectly with the spices that infuse our menu items. I personally make the Banana Ketchup, Mango Chutney and Pineapple Salsa to give our dishes that extra special touch that you cannot find anywhere else.

Rum Cake
Our Baker hand makes a variety of cakes that stay true to the traditions and flavours of the Caribbean. He has been creating delicious sweet treats for years and has perfected his technique. It is a pleasure to be able to sell his creations. The Rum Cake is a classic Caribbean cake that takes you back to the Caribbean with every mouth watering bite.
Banana Bread
Our Baker has a passion for cooking and a natural flair with bakery that ensures amazing results, every time. Her Banana Bread is moist and packed full of the delightful flavours of the Caribbean. One slice of her Banana Bread is never enough.
Herbs & Spices
Our Chef has copious years experience in the industry and I was delighted for her to join the Leon’s Kitchen Family. Her seasonings are a blend of the traditional herbs and spices of the Caribbean together with her own additions to set her dishes apart from the rest.
Jerk Chicken
Jerk Chicken is synonymous with Caribbean cuisine and our Chef really comes into her own when creating these hot, fresh and spicy pieces of perfectly cooked chicken. Only thing left to do is choose which of my sauces to have with it.
Caribbean Rice & Peas
My Rice and Peas are a light and fluffy, classic staple to accompany our curries and jerk chicken. Basmati rice is infused with kidney beans and coconut to produce a creamy infusion that is simply moreish.